The theory and practice of the period of global accidents



For the last hundred years the human intellect has sufficiently grown in scientific and technical knowledge. Now people intensively domesticate space, invent new supercomplex machines and automats to make their everyday life more comfortable, grow transgenic plants and clone animals. The mankind turns into Gods.

What is waiting for us in the future? Will our life be relatively quiet or will we experience global changes and ecological problems?

There are a lot of predictions and prophecies regarding this topic, the majority of them tell us about the misfortunes and heavy tolls waiting for people. According to these predictions all countries are just at the beginning of great and bloody events. That is described as in new so in old predictions. Bible and Koran, Judaic and Buddhistic books, the prediction of different prophets agree that very soon the humanity will suffer from ghastly disasters that will result in ‘mourning harvest’. Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa - the whole Earth will immerse into numerous disasters that will lead the mankind to the great chaos. Unprecedented manifestation of religious, political, national, social and individual extremism, terrorism, wars and violence, falling of cosmic bodies onto the Earth Surface, earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, floods and other unbelievable disasters will rush all around the world. Many islands and even the whole continents will submerge into water and becomes the beds of the oceans and seas. Religious sanctities and ancient cities, works of art and other valuables that have now a high value for people will be destroyed. People will rush around the world finding salvation but not all of them will have luck.

But the mankind is not doomed to complete demolition and evolution “rollback” to the past – to the ages of caves and clothing made of animals skins.

That is not true! The mankind will experience Golden Millennium that will last for one thousand years or other wise saying Thousand Golden Years.

What these predictions are based on?

Majority of people observing the human events development are sure that history is governed by fortuitous event. But at closer investigation of human events development we got the questions that difficult to be answered without special knowledge.

What lies in the base of such revelations concerning the historical events, countries’ fates and nations in the future?

It is not a secrete these predictions come true in a way?

What knowledge do the predictors relay on when they foretell the future of a person?

From where we get the visions of the events that in the future becomes true. Is our fate predetermined beforehand or the fate of a man, a nation or a large country depends on fortuitous event?

That is not the only question concerning the life of people on the Earth. For everymen our life is full lot of strange and mysterious things as for its meaning, aim, content, rules and laws.

A child appears on the Earth. It lives, grows up, learns the life, but simultaneously gets older and goes up to the death. Just getting thorough the childish frolic, youth findings, adult mistakes and reaching the relative wisdom a man “suddenly” dies.

In course of time greatest geniuses become forgotten.

That forces us to think that existence of mankind is very irrational and fatal.

What for should a man learn during all his life and when he gets some knowledge he is to take it with him into the grave.

“That hasn’t a sense”, - the profane could say. – “Does all life experience, feelings and knowledge disappear after the death without a trace?

And that is not only a fate of a man. The same happens to the whole states and empires. Different nations appear on the Earth, migrate and dilute in times. Epochs come one by one changing the social structures, cultures and religions.

Many thousands years ago, long before the Flood, our Earth was inhabited by people who had reached a high level of development.

Who of us have ever heard about their existence or know the details of their evolution?

Not many.

And again a seeker comes across the question – what is the sense of such evolutions? It seems as if everything on the Earth has its own reasons and aims, is not accidental but is governed by some unforeknowable lows.

If it is true, then who is governing by the process and development of the history? What for is it done? And what is a meaning of a man in the world?

Seekers always tried to find the answer to these very important for them questions.

This book is written for those who is able emotionlessly accept the global mystery of world creation, its lows, construction and its aims a part form one’s own prepossession formed by definite religion and political commitment; notwithstanding to sexual, national and race prejudices. All knowledge is presented in the book not in the form of cloudlands but as logically relevant science like mathematics or geometry. It describes the events from the day of World Creation. The language of the book is very easy for understanding even by unprepared reader. This science is known as theological materialism…

…It tells about the reasons of individual souls and spirits appearing at different planets of material world and the process of their development; habitability conditions of individual people souls and spirits at astral levels of material world after the death of their physical bodies; where and what trials they passes; what is the end of our souls wandering around the material world. This science explains why after the physical death the people souls get into various habitability conditions and if there is any dependence between these conditions and way of living at the physical level and vice versa.

Theological materialism describes the development of planets, solar systems, galaxies and cosmos, the lows of human civilization evolution and formation of social relations. It tells about the habitability conditions of parallel civilizations and other forms of intellectual living in material world, about the strict links between the development of social relations on the Earth and goal of the material world.

Trough the knowledge of theological materialism people will see what forgoing changes of social life are waiting for us in near future. Why in the next two and a half decades in the result of global demographic, social and natural disasters, time to time happening on the Earth milliards of people will die. What laws will govern by mankind survived after a sacrifice to God in New Golden Millennium. People will know about the future fate of nations living in Europe and Asia, America, Australia and Africa, how and why in coming twenty five years practically all states on the Earth will be destroyed. People will get to know about the sources and destination of all the religions, about the forgoing idea of national unity all around the world, about the entirely new world economical system, that will be established on the earth in near future, about the social force that will lead the mankind to the unique civilization.

The knowledge of theological materialism will appease Moslems, Christians, Hindus, Judaists, Buddhists, Communists, Democrats, Liberals, Nationalists, Monarchists and other representatives of religious and political groups whose ideology will turn into a survival of times past. This knowledge will form an impassable barrier to the development of extremist ideology. New knowledge will cool down the excessive human passions and feelings; they will bring necessary intelligence into the formation of new social interrelations and bring to life supreme world-view.

The man who has understood the structure and the goal of material world and the lows of material development is able to foresee the future not only in the form of visions and hallucinations but can in detail predict the future events and the changes in social life realizing their goal and way of succession. A man can predict the fate as of definite countries so the fate of the whole mankind. A man is able to travel around the material world in the way that no technique could ever provide. New world view will form supreme community of people after the global disasters united into a unique mankind able to understand the most abstruse knowledge that for the moment is inaccessible by today’s dying civilization…
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