The theory and practice of the period of global accidents

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The theory and practice of the period of global accidents
(People on the Earth are assured, that decide the destiny, but mankind evolution on each planet has the purpose, the scenario and is subordinated to strict laws).

Table of contents:
1. Democracy as the form of development of a society and the state, is necessary on a short piece of evolution of mankind. Today its time for the Earth has come to the end.
2. The period of global accidents to stop it is impossible.
3. The short description of the device of a universe, his life purpose. On termination of the period of accidents on the Earth there will be a uniform mankind. People will cease to divide themselves to national and religious signs. The states will not be.
4. The next years the market economy and capitalism on the Earth will disappear.
5. Very soon on the Earth the third world war will begin.
6. In the nearest some years of the USA as the state will stop the existence.
7. Die Rolle кармических der Gesetze in die Lebenstatigkeiten der materiellen Welt. Das Ziel der Geburt, des Lebens und des Todes Christus. Seine Rolle in die Evolutionen der Erdmenschheit.
8. Die Zahl der Opfer und die Kraft der naturlichen Katastrophen sind untereinander vom Gesetz verbunden - je grosser gerat der Menschen auf das Gericht Gottes-, desto gro? werden die naturlichen Katastrophen geschehen.
9. The next years mass hunger of which on the Earth did not happen yet will begin.
10. Die weltweite Finanzelite und ihre Ideen nach der weltweiten Globalisierung der Menschheit. Die Rolle der vorliegenden Elite in der Entwicklung der globalen Katastrophen.
11. The future mankind will live at theological socialism.
12. A role of the Post-Soviet states in development of a new society.
13. A role of East Kazakhstan in a life of new mankind.
14. Specificity of passage of the period of global accidents in Russia. Requirement of carrying out for Russia new reforms.
15. Affairs terrestrial - responsibility heavenly.
16. Necessity of urgent building for East Kazakhstan international the educational centre.
17. Saviours and rescue.
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