The theory and practice of the period of global accidents

Vyacheslav Knyazev
«The assistant for development of reason»
the book is about scientific predictions as for the Past and the Future of the mankind»

The future of mankind is grandiose and is perfect, but to him the way, complete tragical events runs. In the next fifteen-twenty years some of the events will occur on the Earth and change its habitus. Natural disasters, wars, other violence and extremism will result in death of milliards people worldwide. But that will not be the end of the human civilization on the Earth. Great Sacrifices will result in the Apogee of evolution of the unique mankind on our planet. who is able emotionlessly accept the global mystery of world creation, its lows, construction and its aims a part form one’s own prepossession formed by definite religion and political commitment; notwithstanding to sexual, national and race prejudices. All knowledge is presented in the form of logical relevant science described in simple language very easy for understanding even by unprepared reader.
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